Use API to find members by email address

Looking at the API reference here:


It suggests you can include email in the API response but that does not seem to be working.

For example:


That does not return email.

I want to see if someone is a member already.  What is the syntax for searching the API for a member with by their email address or remoteId?

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  • Hi Michael , thanks for your question! To return the email field in the API response, it requires the API token to have a moderator or admin role. (Access to the email address is role-restricted.)

    The API user search function allows you to look up a member by the profile information that visible in your member directory area (In the community the URL is /members). This includes:

    • Name
    • Handle
    • Label
    • Any profile fields shown on the profile cards in the directory

    Unfortunately the API search does not currently support searching by email or remoteID. 

  • I see. I was trying to avoid using an admin account for the API. 

    I’m trying to use the API in my app to determine if the current user is a member or is not a member and show a join button versus a visit button. Any suggestions?

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    • Hi Michael , that's good idea for an API endpoint to check if a member exists. We'll track as an enhancement. Until then, it would probably be best to use a label on your button that would work for either case. 

      In regards to the admin role, in the future we will be adding more options to limit the scope. For example a token could have the admin role but limited to only a specific endpoint and subset of fields.

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