Is there a way to get a daily email digest of forum posts that have not been responded to sent to the admin each day?

I ask because we use our forum mainly as a support tool (like this one). But, the way forumbee defaults to "popular" for the feed means sometimes our support staff miss new posts. Plus, sometimes we just miss stuff anyway.

So, having a daily reminder of what hasn't been responded to would be helpful. Any way to achieve this?

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  • Hi Jeff, take a look at the moderator notification option. It's not exactly what you describe, but may help. To enable, go to notification settings and turn on the last option for "All new postings (Moderators only)". This will give you a daily listing of new topics and replies. You can see which new topics have not yet received a response. 

    Members who are not moderators can get the same daily summary by: 

    1. Following the forum. (You'll need to turn on the forum follow option by going to forum settings > forum notifications.) 

    2. Turning on "replies to topics in forums I'm following" in their notification settings page.

    Moderators can also use the "topics without replies" report. Go to the Moderate area, to the Topics tab. From the filter menu, select "topics without replies". Bookmark this page to make it easy to return to.

  • Thanks, this was very helpful!

    I wonder, is there a way to get an RSS feed for the topics without replies report? We could then use RSS to send this an email perhaps?

  • There is not a way to get that report through RSS. We are working on building out our API which is coming this fall, which will give you access to this and much more, including all community data. Regardless, let us know if you have any other feedback on the moderator report and if you find it useful. Thanks!

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