How Can I DELETE a User?

There are several users that have signed up for access to my community that I want to permanently delete - not just block. (I need it to appear as if they have never signed up at all.) How can I do this?


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  • Hi Neil , we can help you with this. Just to be sure that you know, deleting the user means that they could sign up again and would reappear in your list. Is this what you need? If so, please send us the list of users to delete at support@forumbee.com .

    We may add this as a feature in the future. Do you have a reason that you want to delete the users? Is it because they are test users? That would make sense. However, deleting real users is more complicated because of activities they may have performed in the system, which creates data dependencies.

    • Forumbee Support Thanks. I'm forwarding the list of users.


  • Forumbee Support  - this was also on our list to ask -- the difference between deleting and blocking.  Would either action actually remove any conversations they contributed?  And can they be brought back into their old profile?   Soon, we will have 5-10 a month that we may end up deleting/blocking as their 'membership' ends within our organization.

    • Hi Kristi ,

      When you block a user, it keeps their posts in the community but it removes their access to your community, so they won't be able to log in again. If you prefer to also remove their posts, you can do by selecting "Remove posts" after you block the user.

      The block option is available in Admin > Users > Block User:


      For a blocked user, a "Remove Postings" option is available:


      Deleting a user is a more extreme measure if you want to erase any trace of that user in the system. If you would like to delete user(s), send a request to us at support@forumbee.com . Thanks!

  • My question is akin to Kristi 's.  We have users whose membership in the organization has expired.  We want to remove access but retain their postings and can do that by blocking them.  Does a blocked user still receive notifications or are those stopped when blocked?

    • Hi Kevin , yes selecting 'Block User'  will stop all notifications from being sent to that user.

  • Hi Neil , we have released a new feature in the Admin area that includes the option to permanently delete a user.  See this post for more details.

    • Forumbee Support Very cool. Thank you!


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