I started inviting users individually (about 50), but soon would like to stop doing that and just invite everybody using the domain function. What will happen in that case, will everybody automatically receive an email from the system (including the ones already invited?)

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  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    Invitations can be done in batches of 10, just paste in up to 10 emails and separate each with a comma or a line break. If you need to send invitations to much larger groups we could increase your batch size limit.

    Domain access is an option that allows any user with a matching email domain to sign up. Typically you would use this option to send an internal email from your company email system with a link to the community or forum, then the recipient signs up and after validating their email can access the community.

  • I added the domain of each of our clients (283 all at once) since each has multiple users (2,200 total). Also, when we lose a client, it would be much easier to delete one domain than to hunt for all of their employees. I haven't rolled it out to them yet. Is this going to work?

  • Hi Sue, by adding the email domain of each of your clients, end users will be able to sign up for your private community as long as they use an email address that matches one from your list.

    Removing an email domain from the list will prevent new users from that domain from signing up, but does not affect existing users who have already signed up. Once someone becomes a member of your community, they will remain a member until you revoke their access.

    To revoke access to all users with a specific email domain, go to the Users area and enter the email domain into the search box. It will find all users with that email domain. For each user, select Block and choose either Suspend which revokes their access to the community or Remove which revokes their access and also hides all of their postings.


    I hope this helps! Let us know if you need any additional assistance.

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