Top Menu 'Save' and 'Save and Exit' Button for Article Editing

The majority of our KB articles are very long.  It would be great to have the 'Save' button stick to the top of the page as we are editing the article instead of having to constantly scroll to the entire bottom of the article to save.  Additionally, a 'Save' as well as 'Save and Exit' button would be nice.  'Save' does just that without ending 'edit mode' while 'Save and Exit' will save the article and exit the editor.  For long article documentation, we want to be able to save our current progress but not end our edit session.

An example of an HTML editor that I use often that has executed this concept (HubSpot).  In this case, 'Save' at top left save's progress without exiting.  'Update' at top right will save current changes and exit the editor.

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  • Hi Jeff , thank you for sharing your use case and example! We are planning improvements to the editor and this is excellent feedback for us. In the mean time, have you tried using the editor in the Admin > Moderate area? This editor has a Save & Exit button that is in a fixed position at the bottom right corner as well as some additional settings in the right column. 



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