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Is there a way to set defaults to enable email notifications of all new posts within their subscribed categories? Regardless of if they have posted in a thread.

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  • Hi Shay, thanks for your question! With the forum follow feature, users can subscribe to a forum to receive email notifications when new posts are added. I've enabled forum follow for your account now, so you'll see the email icon appearing in your forums now. Users can click this to subscribe. 

    Coming soon in our upcoming release is a setting that allows you to have new users auto-follow specific forums.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Is auto-follow available now? I cannot use this software without auto-follow. 

  • Hi Martin, auto-follow is now available. I will enable it for your account.

  • Hi! Is this something you still offer? If so, could you add it to our account or show me how to enable this?  



    • Hi Bridget , thanks for your question! By default the "follow" option is available for all categories. Members click "follow" to receive email updates when new posts are added to the category.

      In addition, you can set a category to be automatically followed by new members who join. Go to Admin > Categories and select a category. Expand Notifications > select New users automatically follow, then click Save. 


    • Forumbee Support I'm confused - if a user is following, how often do they receive updates? My users have all joined. I'd like them to get a weekly update of all actvity on the forum. Is that possible to do at this point? Thanks!

    • Hi Autumn ,

      • The auto-follow setting applies to new users only. If your users have already joined they won't be following anything by default. We can update this for you so that all of your existing users are following all categories. Let me know if you'd like us to do this.
      • The default frequency for notifications is daily. We can change your default to be weekly, let me know if you would like this setting changed.


    • Forumbee Support Great! Yes, I'd like all of my existing users to follow all categories in our forum - let's keep the notifications daily for now and then I'm assuming we could always change it if people complain? Thank you!

    • Hi Autumn , we've updated all of your users so they are following all categories. You are all set now!

      Users can change their notification frequency with these steps:

      1. From their profile picture at the top, select Notification settings:


      2. Next to Email me, select the desired frequency. The options are: weekly, daily, 4 hours, 1 hour, and as it happens.


  • AWESOME! Thank you!

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