Duplicate email notifications & layout

Hi there, 

Thank you for the support on this platform. We enjoy using it!

This post contains a couple of requests: 

1. We have users that want to receive email notifications from boards they follow, and they also want to receive notifications when they are @mentioned. In cases where they are @mentioned within a board that they follow, they logically receive two email notifications by default. Users are wondering if there is a logic that could be introduced so as to only receive one email notification in those overlapping instances. 

2. Additionally, Forumbee was kind enough to introduce logic for @mentioned notifications in which the entire post is sent to a user's inbox. This allows users to see the message in its entirety without logging into Forumbee. Meanwhile, the notifications related to boards or posts they follow are truncated. Users are requesting that any notifications that come to their inbox include the entire post if possible. 

Many thanks for considering!

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  • Hi Apryl Gibson , thank you very much for sharing your feedback. These are great requests! I am moving your post into the ideas category so that we can track it for future updates. 

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