How do I manage / edit / consolidate tags?

As a moderator, how can I manage existing tags, to get them in a uniform format and consolidate duplicate tags. 

Thanks, Cameron

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  • Hi Cameron , thanks for writing in! To manage and edit tags, go to Admin console > Categories and click the "Tags" tab. (You need to have the admin role to access this area.)


    To edit a tag, click the pencil icon. It opens a dialog where you can edit the tag name, select which categories it can be used in, or delete the tag by clicking trash can icon. Keep in mind:

    • If you change the spelling of a tag in this dialog, it automatically updates that tag everywhere (on all posts it is used).
    • If you delete the tag, it automatically removes the tag from all posts where it was used.

    To change the tags assigned to a specific post, edit the post. When editing the post, scroll down below the post text to the tags list where you can delete or add tags. 

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