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Hi - we are changing the company domain under which our Forums sit and I need to therefore update the Domain Alias in settings. However, it appears that the current domain cannot be altered (the dialogue box does not allow me to click and change). Please can you enable it to be edited?


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  • Hi Barry Kruger , thanks for your question! Once an SSL certificate is provisioned, it locks in the domain setting in the interface, however we can still update it for you. Send your new domain name to support@forumbee.com and we will complete the configuration. Thank you!

  • Thanks - that would be great. The existing domain is: www.thesencoforum.org.uk/

    The new domain is: www.thesendforums.org.uk/

    I will send this to support as well.

  • Hi Barry Kruger , thank you! We will have this updated for you and provision the new SSL certificate. (It can take 1-2 hours to be provisioned, you'll receive a notification when it is live.)

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