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I was just looking at the emoticons and to be honest I think most of them look awful. For example the crying/smiling emoji in comparison with the default... The emoji you have doesn't really quite add up, you have to focus on it the first time to get what it actually means and that isn't really the purpose of emoji's



Same goes with the normal smiling emoji. To me the white line looks more like a white/milk moustache then a line of teeth.



It's not something of the most shocking importance of course but I'd still like to let you know.

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  • Hi Sonny , thanks for your feedback! It sounds like you are seeing the Windows version of the emoji. The emoji are using the operating system default, so they will look different on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. For example, here is a screenshot of the smiling emoji as it appears on Mac:  You can see how emojis will look across systems here: http://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html

    We may may consider using a custom font or image replacements in the future.  

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  • I never knew there was an emoji standard like that. In that case if I were you I would just adhere to the standard. Whenever the vendors update their emoji's you're automatically updated too. It's not your fault the Microsoft ships ugly emoji's with their product 馃榿

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  • Emoji image support is now available! 馃帀 We have added two emoji image style options as an alternative to native emojis: EmojiOne and Twemoji. See this post for more info 馃摑 and contact us 馃摟 to enable emoji images for your community. (This community is using the EmojiOne style.)

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