Private Category Access Code Not Functioning Properly

I have set up a private community for a financial services company, and with it is the need for private categories. Because we want everyone to be able to see the actual category listed and read the teaser regarding the category content, we decided to choose the Access Code option. However, when we created a Test User account to beta test the functionality, we cannot see the private categories that have been selected as access code. Is there any particular reason as to why, despite the categories being chosen as Access Code, they are completely hidden from our end user?

Thank you in advance!

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  • Hi Saltzman Associates , thanks for your question! I'm sorry to hear that, it should appear to your end users. I will investigate and let you know. Thank you! 

  • Hi Saltzman Associates , we looked into this and found an issue that was causing Access Code categories to not be visible to members. It has been fixed now, so your members should now be able to see the Access Code categories. Please let me know if I can provide any additional assistance. Thank you!

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