Best Way to Add 500 new users

Anyone have experience doing this?

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  • Hi Nancy , thanks for sharing your question! There are a few pointers I can share from my experience.

    • Raise awareness of and build excitement around your community. You can do this through your existing channels of communication, whether it be your website, blog, newsletters, or meetings. Let people know the benefits and highlight activity happening in the community. 
    • Create a friendly welcome email. Prior to inviting users, customize your Welcome Email in Admin > Settings. This will be the first communication members will receive after they join the community, so it's an opportunity to greet them, provide tips for getting started, and links to important posts or areas in your community.
    • When adding users, customize your email invitation. When you add users into the system, check the option to send them an email invitation. Enter a subject line and message that resonates with your audience. The invitation link appears at the bottom of the message. Encourage them to join by clicking the link.
    • Invite in batches. You can start by inviting a smaller set of people and solicit their feedback on the process. Based on this feedback you can adjust your invitation message, welcome message and other areas if needed before inviting the next batch.
    • Cultivate community advocates. If you have people who are particularly excited or enthusiastic about the community, you can invite them into the community first. They can help jumpstart conversations and be a support to new members. 

    I hope that helps! Please let us know if we can provide any assistance in your on-boarding process.

  • Thank you for this feedback. We have talked to our membership already, and have an existing forum. We are moving to this new one. So we want to move everyone at the same time, because it is an active forum, and everyone will want to get involved and keep in contact. How many emails in each "batch" is a safe number, so the email will be less likely to bounce? Is that an issue with this process, having invitations bounce?

    • Hi Nancy , that's great! You can send up to 200 emails per batch, and it is safe to do this. In the 'Add Users' step, you can paste your email list, with one email one per line. Bounces only occur for reasons such as an email address is invalid or their mailbox is full.

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