Auto-reject Registrations From Specified Domains

Our community is a B2B environment created to support our customers. As such, we wish to discourage registration of users with non-business email domains (e.g., gmail, yahoo, etc.). Today, I accomplish this by creating an "Approve Sign-Up" list of non-business email domains and manually rejecting any new sign-ups using an email address that is flagged. 

It is preferable to create a "Reject" List (I would still keep the "Approve" List) of non-business email domains that can either be:

  1. Automatically rejected, or
  2. Flagged during the sign-up process followed by an automated message (dialog) requesting that a business email address be used. 

My goal here is to not be required to manually reject and respond to (via email) all sign-ups with "flagged" email domains.


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  • Hi Neil , thanks for posting and describing your scenario! This would be a helpful option. I'm moving this to the Ideas category and we'll evaluate this for an upcoming release.

  • Hi Neil , the option to automatically block sign-ups from free (non-business) email domains is now available. You can enable it in Admin > Settings > Moderation > Block Email Domains. If a user tries to sign up using a free email domain, they will be prevented from signing up. A message will display to the user indicating that a company email address is required. Read more here

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