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Added a profile pic using Gravatar. Would also like to provide the option for users to upload their pic from within their profile settings - i.e. no need to subscribe to another service (like Gravatar).

As you mentioned in your previous post on SSO, less friction is the ideal path.

User accesses Profile settings. Within Profile, add a function to browse local machine for a pic. User chooses a pic, uploads it - done.

LOVE Forumbee - we are a 45 days away from launching this to our major customers.


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  • Hi Rock, great news -- we recently released support for uploading your profile picture directly to your profile page. Now you no longer need to go to Gravatar to update your photo. (If you previously had a Gravatar set up, we'll still show it but you can change it anytime from your profile page.)

    Thanks for your feedback and support! We are very pleased to be working with you and look forward to the launch.

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