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Hi there!

We are getting started with Forumbee as our community platform. One feature that I'd love to see is the ability to thread replies. What I mean by this is if someone creates a post, you can directly reply to that individual post. Currently, all posts are stacked. This would be a great way for users to have more one-on-one interaction versus some conversations seeming disjointed. 


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  • Jeff C. Thank you for sharing your feedback! This feature is in our plans for release later this year. We'll post back here when we have an update.

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  • Any updates here? Would love to see nested replies or perhaps a more robust quote option in lieu of that. "@"mentions are very helpful and yet I see other places where more quote features would really shine. 

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    • Hi  Michelle , thanks for sharing your thoughts! We have both of these enhancements being tracked, but I don't have a date at this time. 

    • Phil Chu
    • Phil_Chu
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Forumbee Support  I just discovered this as a new setting! (Are you in soft launch?) :)

    • Phil Glad you noticed! 😀 The feature has been rolled out and is now generally available. We'll be announcing it here soon.

      Also as a moderator, you can nest replies that were previously added at the top level. Click the cog icon on the reply and a drag handle will appear at the top of the reply. You can drag and drop the reply onto another reply to nest it. You can unnest nested replies in a similar way, clicking on the outdent icon. 

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  • Jeff C. Nested replies is now available! You can enable it in Admin > Settings > Posts. For more details, see this article. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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