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Posting a series of tutorials under "Article" category and their production and posting may not be in the final order we want viewers to got through them.

With the current options (Active, Newest, Alphabetical) Alphabetical does work since we can give them A, B, C, titles but there may be others added that may result in having to re-alphebatize them.

A Manual Sort option in an Articles would be good (much as one can rearrange Sections and Categories).

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  • Hi CraigS , your feature request has been added! You will find the new "Manual" sort option available in Category Settings > More Options > Default sort order:


    To change the position of a topic in a manually sorted category, go to Moderate > Edit topic. There is a new option in the side column to set the order position of the topic:


    I hope this helps. Thanks for suggesting this feature! 

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    • CraigS
    • CraigS
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Forumbee Support Thank you. Appreciated.

  • This is not working for me. I followed the instructions implicitly, and yet the topics show up in seemingly random order.

    • Hi Dusty , if you have pinned topics they are always sorted at the top of the list with the most recent pinned item at the top. When working with a manually sorted category, you don't need to pin items because you can specify the order for each individually. Try unpinning the topics and see if this helps. 

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    • Forumbee Support THANKS! (I will unpin them and try that now!)

    • Yes. This is exactly what we needed. Thanks! 🙂

      ooh! Nice emojis! I want those for our forums! How can I get them?

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