Can a reply be moved?

Can a reply be moved?

Sometimes someone replies to one topic that's better suited to another topic or a new topic.

While I see how to move entire Topics I don't see a method to move individual replies to another preexisting topic or to use as a New Topic. Is this possible?

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  • We have released a new feature to move replies. You can move replies to a new topic or an existing topic. See our announcement for details. I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any feedback on the feature. Thanks for your input!

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  • Hi Craig, we don't currently have an option to move replies. We'll track this as a feature request. In your experience, how often do you need to move replies? Also, would you expect the author of the moved reply to be set to automatically follow the new topic? Thanks for your input!

    • CraigS
    • CraigS
    • 6 yrs ago
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    I find the following occurrences common reasons for posting replies on the wrong topic:

    People new to the forum don't know how to start a new topic and add a reply to another topic, not knowing what else to do.

    Searching the forum for a similar issue results in a reply to a topic that appears to be similar but actually is not.  Sometimes this may be on topic for an earlier product version or for a different operating system.

    Given we have a multi-product environment sometimes they reply to similar sounding topic on an unrelated product.

    There's also topic "hijacking" where a reply is off topic and needs to be split off as a new topic.

    Since we're supporting six products and some products may have several categories this can be a common occurrence. I generally need to do this several times and week and more frequently after a product upgrade.

    Yes, I'd think it would be important for the author of the moved reply to automatically follow the new topic or, at least, be sent a message notifying where the reply was moved to.

  • Thanks for describing these scenarios, this helps us have a better understanding of the ways it will be used. We will track this as a feature request and post back here when we have an update. 

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