How to hide categories and everything in a catefogy

Is there any way to hide a category .... or to put the entire category into a draft mode until it can be cleaned up and republished?

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  • Hi Robert , yes you can accomplish this by closing the category. A closed category is removed the navigation and is no longer accessible to members. As a moderator you can view the closed category and add/edit posts in it. To close a category, go to Admin > Categories and select the Category. Expand the Status section and click Close category. You can return here to reopen the category when you are ready for it to go live.

  • I go to the gear icon at the top of the page. I then go to categories. Once in categories I can only reorder or rename or create. I don't see anything about closing.

    Is the gear what you mean by admin? Or is that where I am going wrong?

  • OK. I was looking at the labels and not the categories. I am all set. Thank you.

  • Hi Robert , you are in the right place. Once in categories, click the category name to go to the settings for that category. At the bottom of the settings page, you'll see the Status section. 


  • Actually one more question.

    It looks like all the old articles are still accessible from the recent panel. Is there a way to remove those? Do I need to close each entry individually?

    • Hi Robert , you are seeing those because you are a moderator/admin. Regular members will not see those posts in the recent panel.

    • Thanks again. I logged out and the external view looks just fine. Thank you.

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