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Hi! We really would like for our users to be able to follow all category types, including sections. Any plans on developing that?

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  • Hi Carola , thank you for sharing your idea! We are interested in hearing more of your thoughts on this. Currently, following is controlled on the individual categories themselves. Sections are containers for categories, and can have multiple levels of nested sections within. If a user follows a Section would you expect them to follow all of the categories in all levels beneath it? Would unfollowing a Section unfollow all of the categories under it as well?

    • Forumbee Support thankyou for your interest! Your description sounds logic and it would be a good service to the customer that they can choose to follow a whole section or just some categories in that section.

    • Carola Ahlsson Thank you for confirming this and providing your additional perspective! We appreciate your input and will take this into consideration.

    • Forumbee Support Thank you!

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