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Is there a way to restrict your search to one category?

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  • Similarly, can you restrict the search to posts with a particular tag?

  • Hi Edward , by default, the search is global across all categories and tags. It can customized for your community through our support team. Contact support@forumbee.com . Thank you!

  • On your website's Plans page, what does it mean "Search across the community or specific forums?" (screenshot attached) Is that different than searching within a category?

    • Hi Edward , this is referring to search capability in the Admin area. (Forums means categories.)


  • Thanks! Which is why it's listed under Administrative features :-)   Sorry I missed that. Follow up question: Search seems more powerful for admins (Moderate tab) than users in the community, since admins can filter to a specific category or to a specific status of topics. Are there plans to make a more powerful search available to users? Related question: any plans to index the content of replies for search?

    • magnus
    • magnus
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Could this search restriction be added as a global option or for each category to have the search global or local.

    Or maybe just a tag in the search bar where you enable / disable a local search within the current category?

    • magnus Thanks for sharing your input on this! We are considering adding additional search options in the community content search and will take your feedback to the team.

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