Support for embedding a 3DViewer

Has anyone requested embedding a 3DViewer? We would like to try to embed the 3DXML Player from Dassault Systèmes into our articles.

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  • Hi Robert , thank you for your request! I'll share your feedback with the team. If you have examples of other sites that show the embedded player in action, that would be helpful. Please send that to support@forumbee.com. Thank you!

  • Hi Robert , thanks for the link! I also found this:


    Do you know if this would support your file format? 

  • Looks like that’s viewer only supports .glb files. I want to embed Dassault’s 3DXML player.

    • Hi Robert , thanks for the clarification. I will share your feedback with the team.

  • There are the two commercial leaders that both have 3DViewers. Siemens and Dassault Systemes. There are the two small business/individual leaders that both have viewers. Fusion 360 and OnShape.

  • If I try to add the following...using the html raw edit....it disappears after save.

    <object type='application/x-3dxmlplugin' id='3DXMLPluginId'>
    <param name='DocumentFile'

  • Hi Robert Jackson , thanks for the information on the 3DViewer makers.

    Yes, with HTML raw edit it supports only common layout and formatting tags (such as DIV, A, SPAN tags and CSS classes) but not script or object tags. 

    I'll provide your feedback to the team. I'd like to also provide them with a working example embed code. Is that an actual working example in your reply? Thank you! 

  • I can put a page up with a working example. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

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