Hide me from members page?

Is there a way for me to keep my test account from showing up on the /members page?

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  • Hi  Michael , thanks for your question! There isn't a way to hide a specific member from the community member directory (/members) if it is an active user account. If it is your test user, one option would be for you to remove the user (in Admin > Users locate the member, click the cog icon and select Remove). Removed users are not shown in the member directory. You can restore the user's access at any time when you need to test something.

    • Forumbee Support It's a member that I have created for API access because I want the API to map to a member instead of a moderator or admin.  In this case, removing the member mapped to the API isn't a good option. Since the API user is one of the most active users, it always shows up near the top of /members. 馃槙 

      I wonder if the HTML template can be modified to include:


      With that change, I could hide specific members with a change to my custom CSS rules.

      Any suggestions?

    • Michael Barshinger I see! In that case one possible solution is to assign a special user label to the user. You can define the label in Admin > Settings > User Labels then assign it to your user. In the member directory, the member cards include a css class "-r1", "-r2" etc. corresponding to the user label number. You could then apply your custom CSS rule to hide that member.

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