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Hi - I've set up a new user group and selected the Send Invitation option (just a test with 3 users at the moment), but so far nothing has been received (couple of hours later). Is there a delay in the mail server? Is there a maximum number of users you can invite to a group?


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  • Hi Barry Kruger , thanks for your question! One thing to check is whether these are new members or existing members? If the users you have invited are already members in the community, they will not be emailed an invite. Invites are only sent to people who have not yet joined.

  • Hi thanks for the reply - the group has no existing members - it is a new group. I want to send the invite to all members of the Senco Forum to join this new group.

  • Barry Kruger , thanks for the clarification! Invites only go out to new people. This is the case even with a new group that you are creating. Existing members don't receive invites, since they are already a forum user. To notify them you could send them a separate email outside of the system to let them know.

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