Using slug and/or fixed URL element for permanent reference to article

I would like to store a permanent link to a specific article in forumbee that our software will store and open in a browser when prompted.

How do I best utilize the URL and/or slug to achieve this?

Example  - Help Article ABC

URL of the article is community.company-name.com/fixedURLpart/slugABC


What part of the URL do I need to use to recall the article in a new browser window? The whole thing? or a partial with the slug?

If I create a new version of this article: Help Article ABCversion2 as draft and then publish it, do I need to move the slug from version 1 to version 2 to keep the link alive?

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  • Hi LN Support , thanks for writing in! The article url format is this:


    The {code} part is the unique article identifier. This part is generated by the system when you first create the article and it never changes regardless of whether you save the article as a draft, publish it, or edit the article later. 

    The {slug} part is optional, and is editable by you at any time. Regardless of what is entered for the slug, the system will always find the article based on the /t/{code} pattern. So for the permanent link to the article in your software you can use either of these and it will work:



    Thank you!

  • Thank you for this info. Can you propose how we can manage versioning of this article, such that we can maintain the original link but create and publish a newer version?

    It would be useful to be able to locate the article by the base URL and slug only such that multiple versions can exist, but the slug takes the user the the "published" version only.

    Is there another way you can propose to handle this at least until versioning is implemented on your platform?

  • Hi LN Support , it isn't possible to point the original link to a different article. But one option would be to draft your changes in a new article (that you save as a draft), then copy/paste the text into the published article when you are ready for it to be updated. 

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