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Is there a way to show "locked" (private) categories and allow people the opportunity to request access with the caveat that their participation must be APPROVED before they can gain access to the area?  I like the JOIN button, but there's no approval process that I can find. I also like the ACCESS CODE mechanism, but a new user must know where or from who to get the code before they can gain access. 

What I'm really asking for is a way to moderate user access to a category after the user requests access to that area.



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  • Hi Neil , we don't currently have the option to moderate user access to a category. We could however add a custom message to the access code page with contact information. To have this added, send the content details to support@forumbee.com and we'll add it in for you. Thanks!

  • Forumbee Support This is a feature I'm looking for as well. Can you explain the option that you offered to Neil? How would that help these need? thanks.

    • Hi Ellen , thanks for your question! There are several options for controlling access, depending on how you are planning to set up your community.

      • For your community you can enable the "Request to Join" option, which will allow members to request access to your community. You can choose to approve or decline those requests. 
      • Inside your community you can have private categories (on the Premium or Enterprise plan.) Private categories are only visible to members to whom you have granted access.
      • An "Access Code" option is also available on private categories. Members who enter the access code in the category are allowed entry into the category.
      • We do not have a "Request to Join" option for individual categories. The solution described for Neil above is how a custom message can be added the page where the user enters the access code. In this message you can provide instructions for users to request access to the category through email. If you would like assistance adding this, please contact us at support@forumbee.com .

      I hope that helps! 

  • Forumbee Support  can you grant access to private categories based on user label? Right now, we have separate communities but I'm wondering if we could merge some of them by doing this. We use SSO for user access and already assign labels so granting access to specific categories using this info would be an awesome next step!

    • Phil Sounds like that could work. You would need to use groups (not user labels) for private category assignment. First create your group(s) in the Admin > Users > Groups tab. A group can be granted access to a set of private categories. Then in SSO, add users to group(s) by passing the group IDs into the forums parameter. See the SSO documentation for details.

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