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For categories that have Access set to "Specific members," I like how the category is not only inaccessible to other members but also hidden.

Is there a way for members that have access to the category to see who those members are?

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  • Yes, this feature is supported in the new release. Your account has been updated and you can enable this feature in Categories > Settings > More options. Let us know if you have any questions. 

  • It works perfect!
  • When I first saw this feature, I had a trial account. Now I have a premium account. I am able to set the access for a category to "specific members" and to add users, but I cannot find the feature that allows members of the category to see who the other members are. I've looked under Categories > Settings > More options as you previously answered and cannot find it there or anywhere else.

  • Hi Edward , it's near the bottom of the More options panel. Look for this option: 


    This option provides a Join option in the category. Users who have  clicked "Join" will show in the category member list. 

  • I remember the feature working differently in the trial. The category's access has been set to "Specific members." For my use case, it makes no sense to enable a Join button, otherwise I would not have restricted access to specific members in the first place. (and, only users who have been granted access can see the category; others would not know the category exists and so would have no chance to click the Join button.) But I do need to show a list of members for the benefit of members, so they can verify that everyone who should have access does and no one else.

  • Hi Edward,  that makes sense. You can configure it so that new members (who have been granted access) are automatically joined in the category. To do this, enable the following in Category Settings:

    1. More Options > Join Option
    2. Notifications > New users automatically follow

    When the "Join" option is enabled, this setting functions as "new users automatically join" and only applies to users with access to the category.

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