Export users to excel with å,ä,ö?

Hi. Is there a way to export users to excel and to get their names, roles and organisations with Scandinavian letters å, ä, ö plus Alt+0216 and Alt+0248? See the picture below.

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  • Hi  Carola , the user export file does actually contain the correct characters. Excel has a bug where it doesn't recognize the UTF-8 file format when opening a CSV file. (If you open the file in other software such as Google Docs or Apple Numbers, the characters display correctly.)

    For Excel, one option is to first open the file in Windows Notepad, then click File > Save As. In the bottom right corner, select "Unicode Big Endian" from the Encoding menu. Optionally change the filename, then click Save. Open this file in Excel.

    Let me know if this helps. Thank you!

    • Forumbee Support Thank you very much, it worked perfectly!/Carola

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