Using url to export data


I've been using the following URL to export data from our forum to CSV. 

https://<our site>/api/2/posts?fields=postKey,postedOn,title,postStatus,likeCount,url&categoryLink=<our site and category>&postType=topics&limit=1000&output=csv

It all works great, but I also want the content of the post as well as the title.

Can someone tell me the field name to add to the list (postKey,postedOn,title,postStatus,likeCount,url) to return the content of the post along with the other information?



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  • Hi Ian Macdonald , thanks for your question! The field name you are looking for is called "text" (which is the raw HTML of the post) or "textPlain" (text-only version of the post). 

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