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How do I add a profile picture? I am using the 30-day trial ... can't see an option to add a profile pic.

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  • Hi Rock,

    Forumbee uses the Gravatar service for profile pictures. To set up your profile picture, visit gravatar.com, enter your email address and upload your picture. Forumbee will automatically use the image associated with your email address on Gravatar. (On a side note, if you are using Facebook to login, your Facebook profile picture is automatically used.)

    Thanks for asking this question, we will make some improvements to the Edit Profile page to make this clearer.

  • OK, I opened a gravatar.com account and uploaded a profile pic, but it only shows on my "edit profile" page. I tried adding new posts after that, but still no profile pic by my post.

      • Rock S.
      • Rock_S
      • 10 yrs ago
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      Sue, I experienced the same thing you are at first ... it took a few hours, but my pic then showed up everywhere it should be appearing. Just had to wait. The gravatar.com tie in is actually pretty neat. Your "gravatar" follows you to all participating social sites. Love it.

    • Yeah, I see that now. I should have known better. Thanks.

  •  Hey there,

    I'm new to forum bee as a moderator. I'm trying to update on profile picture. Right now it's just the generic white and grey icon. Can't seem to find a way to change it.

    • Hi Suzanne , thanks for your question! To update your profile picture, click your name in the upper right and select Edit profile from the menu:

      Click Change photo. You will then be able to select and upload the photo from your computer. 

      Let me know if that helps!

    • Forumbee Support It worked - thanks! I couldn't change my photo on my own admin page but it worked when I changed it from community.forumbee.com

    • Suzanne , I checked your community and the side column in the profile page is turned off with CSS, which is why you aren't able to access the feature. Please check with the person who customized your CSS and let them know to enable the side column on the profile page. 

  • Forumbee Support Is it possible to upload photos on behalf of our users? i.e., can I pre-populate photos for those I am inviting?

    • Hi Autumn , user photos can only be uploaded by users themselves into their profile. (Or if you are using Single Sign-On, it can be done through SSO.) 

  • I'm trying to add a profile picture (and tell our users how to do the same), but I don't have a Change Photo option or button on the Edit Profile page.

    • Danny Humphress I found it! It was on the View Profile page -- not Edit Profile. Makes sense? Hmm! ;-)

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