Multi language setup?

As you know, our setup is today in Swedish, most appreciated! Now, we have an increasing amount of english-speaking customers so we actually need both Swedish and English. Do you have any plans to make it possible for the user to choose his/her preferred language while creating his/her account? If not - what solutions are there?
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  • Hi Carola Ahlsson , that's great! Yes, this is possible. We have enabled both languages, English and Swedish, in your setup. When someone visits your community, it will automatically show the language that matches their browser language setting. The user can also change the language by clicking the language menu in the top right. 

  • Oh, that's amazing! Thank you very much! And what about the information we enter - how do we make that multi-language?

    • Carola Ahlsson You are welcome! Content that you enter is shown to all users, regardless of their language setting. To create multi-language content, there are a few possible solutions: You can either add both English and Swedish content into the post, or create separate posts for English and for Swedish. You can also create a separate set of categories for English content and Swedish content. I hope that helps! Please let us know if we can provide any additional assistance. Thank you!

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