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We have had a request from our clients to allow them to tailor their email preferences down to the category level. This would give the users more flexibility in determining which emails they recieve and keep their inbox from being filled with information that isn't applicable to them.

Additionally, It would also be cool if there was a "digest" option where you could either get emails as updates are entered, or a summary of all additions/comments for the day or half-day.


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  • Hi Amanda,

    Regarding tailoring email preferences to the category level, would this be for moderators and/or members?

    Also, a digest option to summarize all of the activity for the day would be very useful.

    Thanks so much for sharing this great feedback!

  • Hi - thanks!

    The category selections, for our use, would be most important to the members. But having it for the moderators would be very helpful as well.

  • Hi Amanda,

    Currently, only moderators receive email notifications for all community activity. Members receive email notifications only for topics they post or follow. However, we like the idea of giving members the ability to subscribe to all activity happening in a specific category or forum. Is this what you have in mind? Thanks so much for your input!

  • That's exactly what I was hoping to be able to do!


  • Is this likely to be added any time soon?

  • Thanks Sue and Amanda for your idea and for taking time to meet with us to discuss your needs in this area! I'm looping back now to close out this topic in the forum and provide an update to the community.

    We released a new "forum follow" feature that allows users to subscribe to a forum to receive email updates when new topics are posted. For example, you may be using an article forum to post news and updates to your community. Members can stay informed by following the forum and receiving an email with each new article that you post. Members can decide how frequently they want to be notified. They can choose to receive an email with every posting, or get a daily or weekly digest. 

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