SAML SSO Advanced Settings FAQ

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This article provides information on advanced SAML configuration options. For SAML setup and basic configuration, please refer to one of the following SAML SSO setup guides: Okta, Microsoft 365, or Auth0.

How can I pass a unique user ID from my system in SAML SSO?

To pass the unique user ID in SAML SSO, include it in the "Name ID" SAML Claim. Additionally, ensure that the user's email address is passed within the "email" SAML Claim, as this is a required field.

How do I add a user to a group in Forumbee in SAML SSO?

In SAML SSO, pass a claim named "groups" containing a comma-separated list of Forumbee group names or group IDs to add the user to those groups. To locate the group ID in Forumbee, go to Admin > Users > Groups and click the group. In the page URL, the group ID is the 5-character code at the end of the URL.

To remove a user from a group, add an exclamation mark (!) before the group name or group ID, e.g., "!clients".

How do I pass custom profile field data to Forumbee in SAML SSO?

To pass custom profile field data to Forumbee, you must first set up the custom fields within the Forumbee platform. In SAML, create a claim for each custom profile field, using the field name prefixed with an underscore.

Example: For a custom profile field named "Company Name", the corresponding SAML claim name should be "_company_name".

How can I force profile fields to update with new values in SAML?

To ensure that the user's name and other profile fields always update with the new values passed through SAML SSO, navigate to the Forumbee SAML configuration screen and find "Login Options". From there, uncheck the option that says "Allow users to change their own display name."

How to I pass the user profile picture to Forumbee in SAML?

To pass the user profile picture to Forumbee through SAML, create a claim named "avatar". Within this claim, provide a URL linking to the image you want to use as the profile picture.

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