Removing and Deleting Users

This article describes options for removing users (blocking their access) as well as permanently deleting users.

Remove Users

Removing a user means that the user is no longer a member of the community. They will no longer be able to log in and will no longer receive email notifications. In addition, they will not be able to sign up again using the same email address. Optionally, you may remove the posts of the user as well. 

Scenarios for when you would remove a user:

  • When a staff member has left your company.
  • When a member is no longer participating in your organization.
  • When a member is no longer subscribing to your service.
  • When a community member has violated your community guidelines.
  • When you need a remove a user but want to have the option of adding them back in the future.

 Benefits of removing a user:

  • You have the option to undo this option. At any time, you can restore their access and restore all of their posts to their profile. For example, if an employee returns to your company, you can restore them and their posts will remain associated with their account.
  • The removed user list is accessible by moderators to review. 
  • Removed users are prevented from signing up again using the same email address.

How to Remove a User

Go to Admin > Users and locate the user. Click the cog icon and select Remove User. This will remove their access to the system, and they will no longer receive email notifications.


 Additional Options

  • To remove all posts by a removed user, select Remove Postings.
  • To unremove a user, select Restore User. Their posts will be restored to their profile.



Remove Multiple Users in a Batch

To remove multiple users at once, go to Admin > Users and select Batch remove users near the bottom of the side column:


Paste the list of email addresses to be removed (one per line) and click Remove:

All members with matching email addresses will be removed.

Tip: To quickly get a list of member email addresses, select Export users (CSV). You can then open in Excel or Google Sheets and use sorting or filtering to narrow your list down. For example, to get a list of members who haven't logged in recently, sort by the accessed column. You can then copy email addresses from the sheet and paste into the batch remove field.


Delete User

Deleting a user permanently deletes the user and all of their data. This action cannot be undone, so proceed with caution.

Scenarios for when you would delete a user:

  • When a member has requested that their account and data be permanently deleted.
  • When you need to comply with a EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) subjects' right to be forgotten and the right to erasure.
  • When you created test accounts while configuring your community and want them to be permanently removed.

Important to remember:

  • Keep in mind that deleting a member is a permanent action and cannot be undone (not even by our team!)
  • A deleted user can later sign up with the same email address.

How to Delete a User

Go to Admin > Users and locate the user. Click to expand their details, then expand Data Privacy

You will see two options: 

  • Delete user and anonymize posts: Use this option if you want permanently delete the user, but keep their posts in the community. Their posts will be anonymized, meaning their name is removed and their profile picture is deleted. Only the text of their posts remain.
  • Delete user and delete posts: Use this option if you want permanently delete the user, AND delete all of their posts. 

Deleting a user is permanent, and there is no undo.

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  • Hi! I would like to be able to set a date for removing a user. For example, a colleague is leaving my company a certain date and needs access until that date. Instead of setting a reminder in my calendar, I would like to be able to schedule the removal to a certain date. Is that possible?

    • Hi Carola , thanks for your question! Unfortunately, there isn't an option to schedule removal of a user for a future date.