Creating a private community

A private community is a secure members-only site. You control who can log in, view and participate. 

Example uses of private communities:

  • Private communities for clients or partners
  • Internal company employee collaboration
  • Employee discussion forums
  • Private beta product user discussion and feedback
  • Membership organizations or professional organizations

How to set up a private community

Step 1

Navigate to Admin > Settings. Click the Privacy panel.

Step 2

Select Private and click Save.



Your community is now private! Only users you invite will be able to access the community. You can also grant access to your entire company by email domain.


Giving users access to your community

There are two ways to grant users access to your private community. You can invite people or give access to everyone in your company by email domain.

See the following articles:

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  • Forumbee Support   can I create a community that is private access (users can only participate -- write posts, like etc --  via SSO login) but publicly visible (read-only). Several of our members have mentioned that they don't have a strong incentive to participate in our community vs places like Reddit or Stackoverflow because no one can see the value of their engagement outside of our community. 

    • Phil Yes, you can do this with the following configuration:

      1. Set your community to Public in Admin > Settings > Privacy. This will make your community publicly viewable, and users must log in to participate. 
      2. When the user clicks log in or sign up, you can send them to your application login page. Go to Admin > Settings > SSO and enter your application page URLs into the remote log in/logout fields.
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      • Phil Chu
      • Phil_Chu
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Forumbee Support  awesome! Thanks for the quick reply :)

      • Phil Chu
      • Phil_Chu
      • 4 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Forumbee Support I tried following your instructions and am having trouble. When I land on the site, it displays publicly for a split second before automatically taking me to the sign-in page. 

    • Phil You have custom JavaScript added by your team that is causing the redirect. Please check to see if they can edit the script to remove the redirect. 

  • How are "Specific members" defined?


    • Hi Gene , that setting is for when you would like to choose which members have access to the category. See this article for more details. Thanks!