Community email notifications

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Email notification content

Members receive email notifications that include the following community activity:

  • New activity in categories or tags they are following
  • New activity in auto-notify categories
  • New posts by people they are following
  • Replies in topics that they participated in or are following
  • @mentions of their name in posts
  • Private messages

Notification settings 

Member email notifications have a default frequency of daily. Contact us if you would like to change your community default notification frequency.

Users can update their frequency in the notification settings page to one of the following:

  • As it happens
  • Hourly
  • 4 hours
  • Daily (default)
  • Weekly


Under Subscriptions members can choose the items to be included in their email notifications.

Replies for followed categories are not included by default in email notifications. To receive replies, check the option All replies in categories I am following.

Category notifications

Following a category

Members can follow a category to receive notifications of new activity in the category:


Set a category to automatically notify all members

Optionally, the administrator can configure a category to automatically send notifications to all members who have access to the category. Members will receive a notification whenever a new topic is added to the category. 

To configure this for a category, go to Admin > Categories and select the category. Under Notifications select Auto-notify all users, then click Save.

A member can opt-out of receiving email from an auto-notify category in their Notification Settings area. Under New topics in auto-notify categories, uncheck the category to stop receiving the notifications:


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