Assigning the moderator or admin roles

What is a moderator?

A user with the moderator role has the following elevated abilities:

  • Edit or remove any post
  • Approve posts in the moderation queue
  • Access all private categories
  • Invite members
  • Approve member requests to join
  • Change a member's trust settings (trust, mute or turn on moderation for the member)
  • Remove members

By assigning the moderator role, you can delegate the responsibility of community management to your staff or other trusted members within your community.

Moderators have titles that you assign which designate their status in the community. Moderators encourage and stimulate member engagement through their own activity. They can post new topics and reply to topics posted by others. They can set the status of questions and ideas, as well as highlight the best content by pinning topics or featuring replies.

Moderators also monitor community activity to ensure postings are appropriate and relevant. They have the ability to edit or remove any posting. They can also suspend and block member accounts.

What is an administrator?

A user with the admin role has all moderator abilities plus the following:

  • Configure community settings, such as adding categories
  • Accessing community reports
  • Assign the moderator or admin role to members
  • Remove moderators and admins

What is an owner?

The owner is the Forumbee account holder. The owner has all moderator and administrator privileges, plus the ability to manage the Forumbee account, including modifying payment information and receiving payment receipts.

How do I assign the moderator or admin role?

If the person you would like to assign as a moderator has not already joined the community, your first step is to add the user. See this article for how to invite users.

Then in Admin > Users, locate the user and click the cog icon.

  Select Set Role and choose a role:

  • Member
  • Moderator
  • Admin

Assigning a badge label to a user

To assign a badge label to a user go to Admin > Users, locate the user and click the cog icon. Select Label and choose the label. You can also choose the (no label) option to remove the label.

Editing user badge labels

Badge labels are editable in Admin >  Settings > User labels. Make your changes and click Save. If you already have users assigned labels that you edited, their labels will be updated immediately with your changes. Example badge labels are:

  • Staff
  • Employee
  • Expert
  • Mentor
  • Top Contributor
  • Rising Star
  • Board Member


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  • is there a way to create an admin for a category or group of categories only? we need category monitors to add new categories and sections but not approve members and other things admins can do

    • Hi Susan , thanks for your question! Only admins can add new categories and sections. You can assign a user to be a 'category moderator' for a specific category, which means they can edit and approve posts in that category. But unfortunately, there isn't an option to give them access to create categories.

  • Do moderators have little badges next to their usernames when interacting, like the 'staff' badge next to yours above?

    • Hi Alicia , yes the "Staff" badge next to my name is because I am a moderator. By default moderators are given a label badge. You can customize the user labels and you can also assign them to other users who are not moderators. For example, you could create an 'Expert User' label badge and assign it to a set of users. To configure your user labels, go to Admin > Settings > User labels.