How to configure Front integration

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The Forumbee plugin for Front makes it easy to browse your Forumbee knowledge base and send article links to customers when you are responding to their messages in Front.

Note: These are the steps for configuring version 2.0 of the Front integration. If you’re one of our older clients (you were onboarded before December 2022), your account will need to be updated to use this new integration. Contact your account manager or support@forumbee.com and we will assist you.

Step 1: (Optional) Generate a token

If your Forumbee site is fully public, you can skip this and go to Step 2. If your Forumbee site is private or has private categories, and you need private articles to be viewable and shareable within Front, you will first need to create a token.  

In Forumbee, go to Admin > Integrations > API Tokens. 

Click Generate new token.

For Note, enter a reference name for the token, such as "Front plugin".

For User or guest account, enter the email address of a member. It must be a member who has access rights needed to view the private articles you would like to display in Front. 

Tip: Create a member account just for the purpose of use as the token. 

Click Save

Copy the token displayed on the screen and keep it handy by pasting it in a temporary place (such as Notepad or TextEdit), as you will be using it in the next steps.

Step 2: Copy the integration URL

In Forumbee, go to Admin > Integrations > Front. Copy the URL provided on that page.

Step 3: Add Forumbee plugin to Front

In Front, navigate to Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right:

Click Developers in the left navigation:

Click the Create app button.

Enter the name "Forumbee" and a short description, then click Create.

Click the Features tab and select Edit sidebar plugin:

In the Side panel URL field, paste the URL you copied in Step 2.

If you created a token in Step 1, add ?token= at the end of the URL and paste the token. It should look like this:

https://{your Forumbee domain}/connect/frontapp?token={your token}


Click Update to save your changes. Your plugin is now configured!

You can now search and browse your Forumbee community from within Front, view articles and add content and article links into your replies. 

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