Single sign-on, private label, and spell check now available

  • 10 yrs ago

Our latest release brings new capabilities including single sign-on, private label, spell check, and easier community access. 

Single sign-on

With single sign-on (SSO) you can provide your users seamless access to the community from your company intranet, enterprise system, application or web site. Users only need to log in once to your application and they can cross over to your community without having to log in again. 

We provide SSO through an HTTP-encoded token containing user credentials. From within your application, you construct a unique URL login link for the user. This URL link includes a base64-encoded JSON object containing the user fields and a message digest ensuring the validity of the data. User accounts are created or updated using the information that you provide, including name, email address, and avatar image URL.

Implementation of SSO requires technical development skills. If you would like to implement SSO for your community, please contact us to enable this for your account.

Private label

With the private label option, Forumbee branding can be removed from your community and the admin interface. If you are interested in a private label community contact us for more information.

Spell check

Most modern browsers now support spell-checking as you type. All fields have been enhanced to take advantage of this great feature. Now, when you add topics or replies you can rest assured that spelling errors are a thing of the past. 

Easier community access

Prior to this release, closing your browser would log you out of your community. We want to reduce friction wherever possible, so we changed this. Now you will stay logged in until you click log out.

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