New: Social logins, drag-and-drop article reordering and more

  • updated 1 yr ago

The latest update includes the following new features and enhancements.

Drag-and-drop article reorder

A new drag-and-drop interface is now available to reorder articles in manually sorted categories. Go to Admin > Categories > Topic Order and select a category. Set the default sort order to manual, then drag and drop articles in the list to reorder them.

If there are cloned topics in the category, they can be can now be reordered too.


Social logins

Login with GitHub, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook is now available. Contact us to enable this integration for your account. 


Notification settings improvements

Additional notification settings are now available in your profile to give you more control over the community email that you receive. 

Granular control

Options to receive email are now split out by individual post type so that you can choose to enable/disable email separately for each of the following:

  • Replies in topics you are following
  • Topics in categories and tags you are following
  • Topics in auto-notify categories (these are categories the moderator has configured to send notifications by default)
  • Replies in categories you are following
  • New posts by people you are following
  • Private messages
  • Mentions

In addition, the new "Include my own posts" option will send you email notifications of any new post that you add.

Email control for specific categories

You can now opt out of email from individual categories, while still continuing to follow the categories. This is helpful if you follow a category so that it is included in your All Topics feed but you prefer not to receive email notifications for it.

In a category you are following, click the 3-dots menu and select Turn email off.


You can also opt-out of category emails in Notification Settings. Click Show to expand the list of categories you are following or that are set to auto-notify, then uncheck the categories to opt-out of emails.


People-follow controls

With people follow, you can follow members to be notified of their new posts. This is a great way to keep in touch with others' activity, but you may prefer to control who has the ability to follow you.

You can now turn off the option globally to prevent anyone from following you. Go to Notification Settings and select the option Do not allow anyone to follow me.


Or you control this on an individual member basis. To block a specific member from following you, go to their profile and select Block User. They will no longer have the option to follow you. If they had previously followed you, they will no longer receive email notifications of your posts.


Additional file attachment types

The following file types are now included as approved file attachment types. They will be displayed with a unique icon and will no longer be zipped when attached to a post.

  • BayesiaLab files (.xbl)
  • Java class files (.class)
  • Apple Keynote presentation files (.key)
  • Sketch files (.sketch)


Webhooks are now available in early access release! Contact your account manager to have Webhooks enabled (requires the Enterprise plan). 

SAML Single Sign-On log

A log of recent SAML login attempts is now available in the SAML integration area. You can reference this log when configuring SAML to view successful logins as well as any SAML configuration errors that are generated. Go to Admin > Integrations > SAML then click the Log tab.

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