New: Filter unread, all topics, cross post, & emojis

Tracking viewed posts

To make easier to find new community activity, topics you've read are now remembered and unbolded. Filter by unread to see just what's new, including new replies to topics since you last viewed them. 

In discussion topics with nested replies, it can be hard to locate all of the new replies located in different sub-threads. The new reply navigator 🗺️ sorts this out and guides you through all new replies since your last visit to the topic, one sub-thread at a time. 


All topics view

The new All topics view provides easy access to the latest activity in your community by bringing together posts from all categories into a single list.


Post topics in multiple categories

Articles (topics) can now be configured to appear in more than one category. This can help users find relevant content. For example, users may be looking for information about how to create their account in either a "FAQs" category or a "Getting Started" category. You can now configure the article to appear in both places, while only having to maintain a single article.


Copy topic improvements

Creating a copy of a topic now provides the option to edit the copy before publishing it. This provides the ability to use a topic as a template and quickly create similar events.

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More emojis!   🥳 🎉


The emoji picker has been expanded to include 50+ new emojis. All emojis from the latest Emoji version 11 set are now included. At last! Teddy bears! 🧸🧸🧸

The option to select an emoji image style for your community is now available. You can select from the following styles: 

  • Native emojis (the default)
  • Twemoji emojis
  • EmojiOne emojis


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  • Is it possible to set default filters? for example, in our ideas area, we want the most voted for features at the top for all of our users? We would also like to filter out completed be default

    • Kelton Wilde Thanks for your question!

      You can set the default sort order for each category. Go to Admin > Categories and select the category. Expand More Options. Under Default sort order select Most votes, then click Save.


      There isn't an option to filter out Ideas with a status of Completed by default. To separate out the Completed ideas, you can create another Ideas category called "Completed Ideas" and then move ideas into that category when they are completed. You can restrict the completed ideas category to not allow users to post new ideas there. In category settings, under Settings > Who can add topics select Moderators only.


      I hope that helps. Thank you!