Copy / duplicate a topic

  • updated 3 yrs ago

Copying a topic creates a new topic with the same content as the original. You have the option to make changes to the copy before publishing. 

How to copy a topic

Step 1

Select Copy  from the Cog menu, then choose the category to post into. It can copied into the current category (the first selection) or another category in the community. 

Step 2

The copied topic opens in Edit mode. Make any changes needed, then click Save Draft or Publish.  Your new topic has been created!

When copying a topic, only the topic itself is copied. The likes, follows, and replies of the original topic are not copied.

Example uses

  • Use an existing topic as a template. Start each new topic by creating a copy of the template topic.

  • Recurring events. Create a new event using the same details as a previous event by copying the event and selecting "current category." Update the event dates and click Publish.

  • Post the same message to multiple private categories with different user groups. 

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