How to create and edit articles

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This article describes how to add and edit articles in your community or help center. While we cover articles specifically here, these steps also apply for any type of topic including discussions, questions and ideas.

As a moderator for your community, you can either post a new topic from within the Community (the members area) or from within the Moderate area.

Tip: Creating and editing from within the Moderate area provides additional capabilities, so we will cover that in this article.

To create a new article, go to Admin > Moderate and click Add Topic.

To edit an existing article, select the article and click Edit Topic.


Enter a title and the text of the article. Select a category to add this article.


To add media, such as images or file attachments, drag and drop them onto the topic area. 


You can add video from YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. Click the video icon and paste the link to your video. 

Format text

Use the toolbar to format text, add emojis, change color and add highlights. 


Additional options

Publish Date

By default the publish date is automatically set at the time the post is published.

For new or draft articles, selecting a date in the future will schedule the post to be automatically published at the selected time.  


It is also possible to edit or back-date the publish date on an existing article.


Topic Order Position

This option is only available for posts added to a category with the manual sort option enabled. Enter a number for the order position of the article.



By default, the author is the person who created the post. Use this option to change the author to another user. 



The slug is the article URL ending. By default the slug is automatically set to match the title. You can enter a new slug here.



Replies are enabled by default. You can turn them off for individual articles here. (Note: You can disable replies for all articles/topics in a category from within the category settings area.)


Category (for cross-posting)

The main category for the article is selected at the bottom of the editor screen. Optionally, you can have this article shown in additional categories. This is useful when you would like the article to appear in multiple places but you only want to maintain one version of the article. Click Add... and select the additional categories to add it too.


Meta Tags

By default the Meta Title and Meta Description tags are automatically generated based on the article title and text. Optionally, you can override them here. 

If you would like to prevent search engines from indexing the article, select the Block option. (This option is only relevant to public communities. Private communities are automatically blocked from search engine indexing.)


There are two options to save your changes:

  • If you are creating or editing a new article, click Save Draft  to save what you have and continue editing it later. After saving the draft, click Preview topic in community  to see how it will look in your community or help center.
  • If you ready to publish your changes, click Publish. After publishing, click View topic in community in the side column to view it in the community.
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