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With this cross-posting feature, you can configure a single article (topic) to appear in multiple categories. This can help users find relevant content. For example, users may be looking for information about "How to create an account" in either a "FAQs" category or a "Getting Started" category. You can configure the article to appear in both of those categories. Note: Only a single copy of the article exists. Any edits, settings, or replies will be applied to this article. 

How to post in multiple categories

Go to the Admin > Moderate area. Create a new topic or select a topic to edit. 


In the side column, expand the Category section. Under Show in additional categories, click Add and select additional categories.

Tip: Your primary category must be a public category. If your primary category is private this option is not available.


Then click Save and exit to apply your changes. 

The topic will be listed in each of the categories you have selected.

Things to keep in mind

  • If the primary category of the topic is private, users without access to that category will not be able to view the topic. Check that the primary category is accessible to the appropriate users.
  •  A topic's primary category can be changed by moving the topic using the Cog icon. 
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