Text editing and single sign-on enhancements

  • 9 yrs ago

We've released an update which includes enhancements to single sign-on (SSO) and text editing.

Single sign-on (SSO)

  • SSO test tool: When domain aliasing is enabled, the SSO test tool now generates links that include the domain alias. When SSL is enabled, the SSO test tool now generates links with HTTPS.
  • SSO user avatars: Previously, setting an avatar for an SSO user required the image be passed from the remote system through SSO. We added the ability for SSO users to upload their own avatars into their profile. This is helpful for cases in which the SSO remote system does not have avatar support.

Text editing improvements

  • Added support for horizontal rules in topics.
  • Improved styling for quoted text.
  • Improved pretty-print styling for source code.
  • In the Moderate area, HTML source option is now available for replies as well as topics.
  • Auto-link conversion is now smarter about detecting URLs in text.
  • Improved support for text editing IE8.
  • Improved pasting from Word and web pages into replies.

Community navigator

If you own or participate in multiple communities, you now have easier access to your communities. Log in to Forumbee.com and click your name to access a navigation menu that provides quick links to all of your communities.

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