Custom Member Profile Fields Now Available

You can now capture additional information about your members with custom profile fields.

All member profiles include these fields by default:

  • Name
  • Profile picture
  • Tagline
  • Location
  • About me
  • Web URL

Custom fields can be used to collect additional information that is relevant to you or other members of your community. Some examples include Company Name, Department, Industry, or Level of Expertise.

You can choose when to display custom fields and whether they are required. Options include:

  • Include custom fields in the sign up process
  • Display custom fields in Edit Profile
  • Display or hide custom fields on the Member Profile

This feature is available in Enterprise level accounts. We are happy to assist you in adding custom profile fields. Please contact us at support@forumbee.com.

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  • Hello, where do we go in the settings to disable certain fields, i.e. Tagline and to enable custom fields? Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Debbie , contact us at support@forumbee.com with the fields you would like to add, and we will configure your account with them. For each field, provide the following:

      • Field name:
      • Field instruction text (optional):
      • Field type (text, text area, checkboxes, radio buttons, menu):
      • Required? Yes/No
      • Show the field during the member signup process? Yes/No
      • Show the field on the small profile hover card? Yes/No
      • Show the field on the full profile page? Yes/No

      Thank you!

  • Great, thank you! And for the fields that already exist by default, including Tagline, is there a way to disable?  Thanks again.

    • Hi Debbie , yes just let us know which fields you would like to disable. Thank you!

    • Forumbee Support Thank you! If possible, we'd like to disable the Tagline field for anyone other than admins and moderators.

    • Hi Debbie , sure! We have disabled tagline now for users who are not admins or moderators. 

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    • Forumbee Support Awesome! Thank you! 😊