@Mentions are here!

If you would like to target your reply to a specific person, invite someone into a conversation, or simply acknowledge other members, we’ve added an easy way to do this. You can now create an @Mention in your post that will send an email to let them know to join the conversation.

You may already be familiar with @Mentions through Facebook or Twitter. Our @Mentions are similar. While you're creating a post, type "@" followed by the name of the person you would like to mention. After you begin typing a name, a drop down list will appear from which you can select the correct person. Anyone you @Mention will be notified by email.

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  • Mentions are not working for me. Tested on Safari and Chrome on OS X. Nothing happens, when I type @ ... Any idea?

  • Hi Sebastian Greiner - a couple of things to try: 

    - Check that your browser is up to date. In Chrome, go to the Chrome  menu > About Google Chrome. If it is in the middle of an update, wait for that to complete and then relaunch.

    - In Chrome, select File > New Incognito Window and try @ mention again. That will rule out any plugin or cookie issues.

  • Everythings up to date here. I'm just writing in an Incognito Window in Chrome.

    Doesn't help. Have you tested localization? My Mac speaks German.

  • I'll check into that. Can you check your browser console and let me know if you see any red errors. CTRL-click, select Inspect, go to the Console tab.  Thanks!

  • Nothing happens at all in the console, when writing text or @ signs...

    Update: even when I click "Save" the console is empty?!

  • Thanks for checking. If the console is empty it means there are no errors on the page.

    I was able to reproduce the issue here on a German keyboard. It looks like the system is not recognizing the @ symbol input from the German keyboard. We will track this as a bug and I'll post back here when we have a resolution. 

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  • Thanks! :)

  • Sebastian We have released a fix. You can now use the @ symbol on the German Mac keyboard to create a mention. (Note: the fix is available in the Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. Safari is not currently supported.) Hope this helps. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Forumbee Support It works. Thank you! :)

  • Is there a way to enable mentions notifications in the upper right of the screen, and is there a way to do this instead of email notifications?

    • Hi Debbie , thanks for your question! Currently, only chat notifications appear in the top right whereas mentions are sent via email. We will be expanding the on-screen notifications in the future to include more items including mentions.

  • Ok, thank you. Looking forward to that feature being available in the future. :)