SEO updates, moderation features and profile tags

  • 7 yrs ago

 Today's release includes the following updates:

Moderation of posts with keywords

You can define a set of keywords that will trigger a post to require moderator approval. When members add a post containing a matching keyword, the post will be set to "Pending Review" and placed in the moderation queue. In addition to exact matches, the system uses a stemming algorithm to find word inflections and variations. The keyword list can be updated by administrators at any time. 

Moderators can approve or remove posts in the queue. Only approved posts will be published to the community.

Profanity filter

When enabled, all new posts will be checked against a list of over 1,000 common profanity words. Posts containing profanity will be placed in the queue for moderator review.

SEO enhancements

  • Topic page titles now include the category name. The title structure is Topic title - Category Name - Community Name
  • Added a canonical link to the topic URL that contains the slug
  • Added rel="nofollow" to category filter pages and all pages except page 1 in topic listings

User profile tags

Tags are now available for user profiles as a custom field. This is an Enterprise customization option available on request.  

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