Zendesk Integration Now Available

Are you using Zendesk for customer support and ticket tracking? Now you can have tickets automatically created in Zendesk when new questions or other activity is posted to your Forumbee community. You can create rules to assign tickets to specific groups of people, so that the right specialists on your team are notified and can respond.



Tickets contain the full post and link directly to the community where the agent can post a response.


With Forumbee Rule Sets you can customize how tickets are created and assigned. For example, if you have community categories organized by product, you can send activity from each product category to a different product specialist group in Zendesk:


After the agent answers a question in the community, customers may reply with additional questions in the same thread. New replies are automatically added to the Zendesk ticket, keeping the conversation together, and reopening the ticket if it was closed. 


The ticketing process helps you track community activity and ensure questions are answered. It is helpful to note that Zendesk ticket notification emails are not sent to the customer who posted in the community. Customers will only receive email updates from the community when their question is answered, according to their community notification preferences.


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  • Is there any way to have Zendesk ticket updates communicated back to Forumbee?

  • Hi CNB , thanks for your question! Currently, the communication is one way from Forumbee -> Zendesk, where the Zendesk ticket is always kept updated with replies that are added in Forumbee.  We can track this as an enhancement request. What updates in Zendesk would you like to have communicated back to Forumbee?

  • Forumbee Support Users create issues in Forumbee and those issues are transmitted over to Zendesk. (This is good.) Support engineers respond to those user issues in Zendesk (that's where they live) and the user is unaware because the response goes to the Zendesk agent that created the Forumbee-Zendesk connection. It would be useful if the response was transmitted back to Forumbee so the user could see it. Another option is to set the Zendesk user to the actual user that created the issue in Forumbee, in the first place (instead of the Zendesk agent).


  • If we're talking enhancements, like making the user who created the community post the ticket's requester in Zendesk,
    How about including the images that were originally in the post. Currently, these are manually copied across.

    Kind Regards,

  • Yakov Shaul Thanks for posting! We'll track your suggestion as an enhancement as well. 

  • Is there an update on a two way integration with ZenDesk? We'd like to have tickets updated in both directions and allow external customers to monitor ZenDesk status in a single ForumBee community.

    • Hi Weston , thanks for your post! Two way integration isn't available yet--only one way (Forumbee -> Zendesk). 

  • Did this feature ever get created? I can see that it was requested a year ago. 

    • Hi Eric , thanks for writing in! Zendesk integration provides the option to have a ticket automatically created when a new post is added in the community. The ticket continues to be updated if new replies are added to the post in the community, keeping your staff up to date in Zendesk. There isn't an option for a reply posted in Zendesk to be posted back in the community.

  • Hi there! Looking at the history, it seems two-way communication between Forumbee and Zendesk was requested 8 months, 1 year, and 2 years ago. Has this been implemented yet?

    My company is considering a new forum solution, and this would be an important aspect.

  • Other zendesk integration desires:

    1- Multiple paths to ticket creation (create ticket for post left unanswered for x hours, create ticket if user in group x creates post, create ticket if post is in category x, create ticket if post is tagged with tag x) with admin controls to adjust these settings.

    2- Accepting an answer on a post changes Zd ticket status to 'solved'. Unaccepting an answer changes status to 'open'. 

    3- Closing a Zd ticket closes post for further comments.

    4- Posts with attachments syncs the attachments to Zd ticket.

  • Hi Alicia Avril , thank you for writing in and sharing your detailed feedback! Two-way integration with Zendesk is not available yet, I'm sorry about that! In terms of paths to ticket creation, it supports the following rule configurations. Tickets can be created when:

    • a post is added to specific category(s)
    • a post is added to the moderation queue
    • a post is flagged by a user
    • a post is caught by the spam filter

    Let me know if I can provide any additional assistance. Thank you!