New features: Moderation Queue and Spam Filter

  • updated 5 yrs ago

Moderation Queue

You can now set up your community so that all posts can be reviewed by a moderator before they are published. This is useful if you want to ensure conversations stay on topic or meet your community guidelines.

Enable this feature in Admin > Settings > Moderation. You can choose to moderate topics and/or replies.

When moderation is enabled, users who add a post will see their post in a “Pending Review” status. Pending posts are not visible to other community members:


Approving posts

Moderators will receive an email notification of a new post pending review. They can visit the Queue to review and take action on pending posts:

Access this area in Admin > Queue. To take action click one of the following:

  • Approve, which publishes the post
  • Discard, which removes the post

Spam Filter

All posts in public communities are now checked by a spam filter powered by Akismet. Suspicious topics or replies are sent to the Spam Queue for review by moderators prior to being published to the community. Users with a post marked as spam will not be allowed to post again until their post has been released.

Moderators will receive an email notification of posts pending review with a link to the Spam Queue. To access this area, go to Admin > Queue > Spam:

To take action click one of the following:

  • Spam, which removes the post. However the user will still be able to post again. If they are clearly not a legitimate user, then choose the next option…
  • Block user, which removes the post and removes the user from the community. They will no longer be able to log in or post again.
  • Not spam, which publishes the post and allows the member to continue posting.
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