Muting a member

As a moderator, you can mute a member for a specific amount of time or indefinitely. This is useful when a member has violated your community guidelines and you need a give them a time-out. 

When muted, a member is able to log in to the community but is not allowed to participate. Muted members have the following restrictions:

  • Cannot add a new topic or reply
  • Cannot edit their existing posts
  • Cannot like or follow
  • Cannot create a new private message to someone they have not messaged before

Muted members are allowed to:

  • Unfollow
  • Change their notification settings
  • Update their profile
  • Receive private messages from moderators and other members
  • Reply to an existing private message

How to mute a member

Step 1

Locate the user by go to Admin > Users and searching for the user by name or email address. Or from their community profile page or hover card, click the Manage User icon.


Step 2

Click to expand the member's details, then click Permissions.

Check the option Mute user.

Select the length of time for the user to be muted. To mute indefinitely, select Forever. To mute temporarily, select a duration from the menu.


You are all set! The member is now muted. 

View member muted status

A member that is muted will display a special status in Admin > Users. (This status is only visible to moderators and admins.)

A muted member displays a status of muted:


If they were muted temporarily, the time remaining is shown next to the muted status.

Configuring community moderation settings

Moderating individual members

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  • Is there a way to check the user's status (muted, banned, etc) via API?

    • Hi Alicia , yes the user status is available in the api. Status can include joined, pending (invited but not yet joined), requested (requested to join), rejected, blocked, and removed. The muted status is also available.